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Over 1000 downloads as of November 1, 1999.

You can now download a FREE demo version of Falling Bodies One and see for yourself what it can do for you.

Note that the demo version is Falling Bodes ONE. The current product is Falling Bodies TWO, and it's better.

The demo version comes with a character model and scenery. You can run the scene provided, and try dropping the little guy down the spiral staircase. Or you can put the character in your own scene. The only thing you can't do is change the dimensions of the character model or build your own character. For that, you need the product.

The demo version also has a "spinning top" model to play with. It spins and wobbles just like a real top. Just keyframe the start of a spin and let it go. Try this with some competitive products and see if they can do something simple like that right. Then come back to Animats.

New characters and scenes for the demo version will be released from time to time. Come back to occasionally and see what's new.


This is a plug-in for Softimage|3D. You need to have Softimage|3D installed before installing Falling Bodies.

Download and installation instructions

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  1. This downloads "DemoFallingBodies.exe", which is a self-extracting archive. Start it and follow the directions that appear.
  2. After downloading and installing the demo version, see the Falling Bodies user manual for how to use it.
  3. Hint: Open one of the demo scenes, select the character, and run Motion->Demo_Falling_Bodies.

Upgrading to Falling Bodies Two from the demo version

To upgrade, order Falling Bodies Two, Downloadable Edition .Falling Bodies Two (non-demo) lets you modify the supplied character models or use your own, supports animals and alien characters, and comes with sample scenes.

Un-installing the demo version

Click on "DemoFallingBodies.exe" which you previously downloaded, and when the installer dialog appears, click on "Un-install".

The Demonstration Version and Falling Bodies Two can both be installed on the same machine without interference. You can remove the demo version before or after upgrading to Falling Bodies Two.

Privacy statement

When you download the Falling Bodies demo, we log the information you filled in on the form above, along with the Internet address from which you're doing the download. We may call you or send you E-mail, but we probably won't unless you're from an interesting place. We don't sell our user list or give it to others.

Changes to the demo version

Want more details? Read the Falling Bodies user manual.

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