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Stair fall

Animats introduced ragdoll physics technology in 1997. Our Falling Bodies product was for years the most advanced ragdoll dynamics system on the market. Our technology for high-quality ragdolls is patented. This broad patent covers most spring/damper character simulation systems. The patent has expired and the technology is now in the public domain.. This technology has been licensed to a major distributor of game development middleware.

At left, the first "ragdoll falling downstairs" simulation, 1997.


Animats introduced anti-slip control technology for legged robots and animated characters in 1994.

This technology was covered by a U.S. patent which has now expired. The technology was used in robots at McGill University in Canada, and in some later machines.

At left, video presented at Computer Animation 95, in Geneva.

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Last updated January 23, 2018